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Why Your Lights Are Flickering And What You Can Do About It

So, you and your family were simply going about your regular, daily business when the lights started flickering. Your children are trying to convince you that there is a ghost in the house, but you know that there is a more logical solution to the flickering lights. Now, what that solution is, you really have no idea.
Maybe it has happened only once, or maybe it has happened more frequently. One thing is for certain: you know that the flickering lights aren't normal, but you aren't sure where to begin at figuring out a solution. You aren't sure whether it is even cause for concern.
Luckily, that's what we are here for. Below, you will find a few different reasons of why the lights in your home may be flickering based on some patterns that are taking place with the lights.
Is It Only One Light Flickering?
If there is only one light that is blinking or flickering, then your problem could be relatively easy to remedy. There is a good chance that the problem is with the light bulb itself. It could simply need to be screwed in tighter or it may be trying to go out.
Another issue could be a loose or bad connection between the light bulb and the switch, outlet, etc. You can usually adjust the prongs on the appliances, such as a lamp, and plug it back in to get it to stop flickering.
With a light that is connected to a switch, you can flip the switch on and off to see if the lights flickers more. If it does, then it is important to contact an electrician immediately. This is because loose connections can result in arcing, which can lead to electrical fires.
Is It Happening When the A/C (or Similar Appliance) Comes On?
Believe it or not, this is very common. Air conditioning units draw a lot of electricity, especially when they first kick on, and can take power from the rest of the home in order to start up. As a result, the lights in the home dim down for a few seconds. If it is anything longer than a few seconds, then there is too much "energy-sucking" going on, and the circuit could become overloaded resulting in system damage or an electrical fire.
As a general rule, the flickering and/or dimming can be fixed by contacting a local electrician and having them check to ensure that the air conditioning is properly wired. It is imported that HVAC units have the proper wire size and fuse. It is also important that there are tight connections.
Are Lights Flickering All Throughout the House?
If you are noticing lights dimming or flickering throughout your entire home and you have ruled out that it is not related to the operation of air conditioner or large appliance, then it could be due to a much bigger and more serious problem.
In fact, it could be a sign that you have a problem in your breaker box or electrical panel, such as worn connectors, service conductors or old wiring - all of which are considered fire hazards. Therefore, if you haven't been able to pinpoint your flickering lights problem, you need to call an While you can try to find the solution on your own by testing the light bulbs and connections, you should call a professional electrician if you can't determine a simple explanation to your flickering lights. Cal-Service Electric has more than 30 years of experience providing residential electric service to customers who have found themselves in a bind just like you.
Contact us today with any questions that you may have about your flickering lights or your home's electrical system in general.