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Grooming in the Modern Age: Electrical Upgrades for Your Bathroom

Using the bathroom isn't as simple as it used to be. Cleaning yourself is now a much more involved process that may also include all types of gadgets.
If you enjoy grooming, treating your skin and other bathroom activities, you may want to consider adding some electrical upgrades. These upgrades can make a huge difference for your preparation and completely transform the functionality of your bathroom.

Radiant Heated Floors

No one likes the feeling of cold tile or flooring in the bathroom. A small rugged bath mat can only provide so much relief, and it can be a pain to wear slippers or house shoes in the bathroom all the time.
The comfort level of your bathroom can be dramatically increased with the installation of electric radiant heated floors. These floors provide an evenly distributed heat source over the floor and make it comfortable to stand on no matter what is on your feet.
An electrician can add these heated floors and add comfort to the way the bathroom is used. After a shower, the floor will instantly warm your feet and provide relaxation. You can comfortably sit on the bathroom floor to paint nails or shave as needed.
The floors come with temperature controls so the heat level can be adjusted as needed.

Bathroom Charging Station

Many bathrooms have become a crowded area when it comes to plugs, devices and charging. Electric toothbrushes, electric razors, hair curlers and blow dryers are just a few of the bathroom items that need charging.
Swapping these plugs over and over again can be a hassle. You may instead want to have a charging station installed. These stations vary and depend on the bathroom design, but they include multiple outlets and plenty of space to keep items plugged in.
For example, an electric toothbrush charger can be kept plugged in at all times. The extra outlets are also ideal for plugging in a wireless device to charge while you shower or groom. The battery will get charged while the item is still in use.
Along with standard outlets, some USB outlets may also get installed to provide you with alternative options while not taking up as much space.

Lighting Upgrades

The available lighting in your bathroom can make a huge difference in the way you see things. Clear and vivid lighting can help with grooming, missed hairs and make-up applications.
Upgrading the lights in your bathroom can also help eliminate shadows and lighting issues that change the way you look. Extra mirror lights are not just great for selfies, but they can help with everyday tasks like doing hair, brushing teeth or cleaning your face.
Overhead recessed lights can provide an even lighting across the whole bathroom without taking up any extra space. An extra light inside of a shower can also make it easier to see while you bathe.
By analyzing the available space, an electrician can select the best lighting options for your bathroom needs.

Wall Speakers

If you seek some sound and entertainment in the bathroom, you may want to consider the installation of wall speakers.
Whether it's listening to the news in the morning or relaxing to a favorite song, speakers can provide sounds in your bathroom without having to plug in or hook up equipment that can create electrical hazards.
Wall speakers can be placed in multiple locations including the ceilings, walls or even in safe areas above a shower or bath. The speakers can be wired to a permanent power source and connected to the sound system of your choosing.
Our professional electricians at Cal-Service Electric Repairs-4- Less can provide you with more detailed information and pricing on electrical upgrades for your bathroom